Will ensure inflation does not cross 6% post GST: Meghwal

Sunday, Aug 21, 2016,11:11 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Jaipur | All the efforts will be to make sure inflation rate does not cross 6 per cent level after GST is rolled out, Union minister of State for Finance Arjun Ram Meghwal said.

“We have targeted to implement GST from April 1- 2017, all over the country. Looking at the concerns on inflation as an impact of the GST, we held a meeting with RBI and decided ideal inflation rate of 4 per cent with a margin of two per cent up or down,” he told reporters here.

“We will make all efforts to ensure that the inflation rate does not cross 6 per cent limit,” he said, while terming the GST as consumer friendly.

He said that in some of the countries where GST has been implemented, the rate of inflation has gone high therefore the it is the priority of the government to ensure that this does not happen in India.

Meghwal said that his ministry is holding meetings with groups of trade and industry, bodies and associations of CA and CS and others to create awareness for the GST.