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Youth from Bihar meets tragic end

Wednesday, Aug 24, 2016,11:32 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Erode (TN) | In a tragic incident, a migrant worker from Bihar was shredded to death after he accidentally fell in a pulp making machine at a paper mill near Bhavani Sagar in the district.

One of his colleague told police that he fell into the conveyor belt leading to the pulp making machine and was crushed to death yesterday.

When his co-worker, also from Bihar, raised an alarm the machine was stopped immediately. However, he was crushed totally, police said today.

Vicky Kumar’s body was identified from the pieces of the T-Shirt he was wearing, police said.

Though the management of the paper mill said Vicky Kumar was aged 21, other workers said he was 19.

Police said the private paper mill employed more than 25 persons from Bihar besides others.