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India should go in for second green revolution: Madhavan Nair

Thursday, Sep 1, 2016,16:02 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Hyderabad | Eminent space scientist G Madhavan Nair has said India should take steps to bring about a second green revolution and also integrate ancient wisdom with modern techniques to offer affordable health-care for the masses.

“Time has come to go for second green revolution. What tools we use…whether it’s genetically modified seeds or new methods of fertilisations or even water management..all these are issues before us. There, maximum thrust has to go in,” the former ISRO chairman said.

Stating that health-care is becoming unaffordable for the common man today, Nair said the country has to devise ways and means to integrate ancient wisdom and modern techniques and then match these to bring affordable health-care system.

“Drinking water is going to be the real problem in the future”, the former Secretary in the Department of Space and ex-Chairman of Space Commission said.

“Though on average we are getting a metre of rain in the country, almost every drop is running into the seas. So, how can we go for water management, and if you store for long time, associate problems of purification and supply become important. Water management is important,” he said.

Nair also said the country should evolve an education system which really captures the imagination of the young children and put them on “the right track”.