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Set standards for cooking oil-in-use: McDonald’s

Saturday, Sep 3, 2016,13:40 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Fast-food chain McDonald’s has asked food authorities to expedite the process of defining standards for cooking oil-in-use.

“We urge the authorities to expedite the process of defining the standards for oil-in-use; and have committed to provide our full support and share our experience earned across the world, to this process which would help in removing ambiguity in front of the industry; and the local officials,” a spokesperson of McDonald’s in North & East said.

In June, the Rajasthan health department served a notice to McDonald’s on the ground of reusing over two weeks old oil at its outlets in Jaipur.

However, Mc’Donalds said that there are no standards fixed by the food safety authorities for cooking oil-in-use.