Exhibition captures angst of refugees through photos, films.

Sunday, Sep 4, 2016,11:56 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Artists from across the globe are attempting to capture the most pressing human tragedy of our time — the global refugee crisis, that has left over a million people displaced.

‘Getting Across’, an ongoing exhibition features photographs, films and postcards by artists from Belgium, Albenia, Pakistan and India.

The 15-day long show, which is curated on the premise that borders are artificial constructs based on arbitrary decisions, attempts to narrate their “gruesome impact” on individuals.

“We need to examine whether we move towards a world that is increasingly globalised economically, but at the same time, compartmentalised ethnically, religiously and politically. Or do we still move forward towards a world of cosmopolitanism, or do we face a world of isolation and nationalism?” says Kanika Kuthiala who has curated the exhibition.

The multi-venue event is being held at Vadehra Art Gallery, India International Centre and Bikaner House here simultaneously.

Indian filmmaker and artist Amar Kanwar, whose film, “A Season Outside” is being screened at the exhibition, says he remained unaffected by the tales of Partition until he witnessed the anti-Sikh riots of 1985.

“That was the first time that I, in a way, crosssed borders. I relived the Partition that I had only heard of until then,” he says.

The 1997 film introduces themes of borders, nationhood and violence, by offering a subjective view of India in the 50 years since Partition.

According to Kuthiala, the exhibition tries to delve into the political ramifications of man-made boundaries and how native and migrant populations respond to such situations.