Pempilai Orumai to join AAP

Thursday, Sep 8, 2016,11:34 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Pempilai Orumai, a women-only labour union working in the tea plantation industry at Munnar in Kerala, will soon join Aam Aadmi Party after the latter promised to lend support to its demands, AAP MLA Somnath Bharti said Wednesday.

The union members recently met Delhi Labour Minister Gopal Rai. It will also work closely with the AAP-supported Shramik Vikas Sangathan.

Rai promised that the party will support Pempilai Orumai in its fight to upliftment the workers in the tea plantation industry.

The union’s major demands are increase in wages, decent housing, bonus, discrimination at work place, equal access to government schemes and capacity building among others.

Bharti, in-charge of party affairs in Kerala, said these women labourers have been exploited by other established trade unions and political parties.

“Despite working in the tea plantation sector at Munnar for generations, most of them do not have their own house,” Bharti said.

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