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Actors depend on others to bring out best in them:Vikram Bhatt

Friday, Sep 9, 2016,11:09 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Mumbai | Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt says he never tried to get into acting as actors are dependent on others to write good scripts and roles for them.

The 47-year-old director said there are only few people like Raj Kapoor, who can do everything, from direction to acting.

“I never wanted to be an actor. Because when you’re an actor, you depend on other people to come to you with scripts.

You can’t create your own. Unless you are a Raj Kapoor, who was a producer-director,” Bhatt told reporters.

“There are so many good actors who just keep waiting for good opportunities,” he added.
The “Raaz Reboot” helmer will be part of the web series “Once Upon A Time With Vikram Bhatt”.
The 104-part web series of Sony Liv will see Bhatt narrate his popular short stories on camera.

The filmmaker said when the makers of the show approached him for it, he was not sure if audience will be keen to see him narrate stories on screen.

“I used to write stories on Facebook, and people started reading them, from 10-12 people initially, to thousands of people later. They (makers) asked me to narrate the stories on camera.
“I thought no one will be interested but when I did it, I was surprised myself. It was their thought, but the stores are mine,” Bhatt added.

The 47-year-old director said coming in front of the camera wasn’t difficult for him as he was not playing a particular character on screen.

“I am not acting. I am just playing a character. I am Vikram Bhatt only on the show. There is any way no difference of big or small screen today. So it wasn’t difficult at all,” he said.

The show, flag shipped by Uday Sodhi, Executive Vice President and head digital business, Sony Pictures Networks, will go on air today on web and mobile platforms.