Artist explores feminine power in divinity

Tuesday, Sep 20, 2016,13:50 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Inspired by goddesses, an artist here has explored the various embodiments of feminine energy associated with them in her artworks. Titled ‘Devi’, the art exhibition by Shampa Sircar Das explores supreme divinity, power and liberation.

“Devi as a concept in itself is beautiful, benevolent and full of knowledge, compassion, and desire. In today’s world understanding these levels of energies also takes us beyond the association of femininity with gender,” says the artist.
“All the transformative forces within our mind and heart, can cleanse our mental and emotional bodies and can put us in touch with the protective powers and deeply change the way we see the world,” she adds.

The artist says she has tried to use a synthesis of philosophy, aesthetics and technique to create a unique language on the canvas.

“The colours in my paintings are juxtaposed to construct a range of hues that sedate and inspire a quiet meditative mood.
And as the work progresses it becomes more aesthetics and less of an idea and the vision starts getting clearer and clearer, layer-by-layer,” says the artist.
In her painting titled ‘Lakshmi’, which is a semblance of goddess of Lakshmi, the artist uses the elephant, image of the goddess, lotus, and a pair of fish to depict personification of prosperity, wealth, well-being and harmony.

The vivid depiction of ‘Kali’ in one of her paintings at the exhibition portrays dancing form of the goddess with red hibiscus and a yantra.
“Most of the paintings here embody the energies of creation and dissolution. If you look at Saraswati, I have used the white lotus, the swan representing the power of discrimination guiding us to take the positive in life and leave out the negative,” says the artist.

“Most of the artworks here talk about the female principle, not just as a larger than life goddess but as an idea or an energy denoting or idealising different virtues or facets of human nature,” says, Anu Bajaj the curator of the exhibition.
The exhibition is on display here till September 27 at Sridharani Art Gallery.