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There is one nation in Asia whose aim is that 21st century does not become Asia’s and is associated with terrorism: Modi

Sunday, Sep 25, 2016,11:20 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Kozhikode | Modi said there were 17 attempts by fidayen attackers sent by the neighbouring country which have been defeated by the brave Indian soldiers who have neutralised over 110 terrorists which is the highest in recent years.

“Terrorism is enemy of humanity. Humanitarians all over the world have to unite and condemn terror,” he said.
He assured the countrymen that India was safe and 125 crore people take pride in valour and bravery of its soldiers and security personnel.

“The leaders of the neighbouring country who read out scripts written by terrorists are singing the Kashmir song.
Today from here, I want to talk to people of Pakistan directly. I want to remind them that before 1947, your forefathers had saluted this land.

“You should ask your leaders why they were not able to handle PoK, erstwhile Bangladesh, Pakhtunistan, Gilgit and Balochistan and were trying to mislead you by talking about Kashmir,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister said, “Pakistan’s public should ask its leaders as to why despite getting Independence together what is the reason India exports software and Pakistan exports terrorism.”
Lashing out at the neighbouring country, he said its leaders used to say that they will fight for 1000 years with India and wondered where they are now.

“I accept this challenge. I want to tell you that India wants to fight with Pakistan. If you have the courage then why not fight to end poverty, unemployment, illiteracy. Let us see which country wins, India or Pakistan,” he said.

He said his government will strive hard to end poverty and make India prosperous as envisioned by Jan Sangh founder Deen Dayal Upadhyay whose centenary celebration starts tomorrow.