Dance music will grow in India: DJs Dimitri, Michael Thivaios

Sunday, Oct 2, 2016,12:46 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Dance music scene in India has risen up dynamically and is expected to grow further, believe DJs Dimitri and Michael Thivaios.

In recent years dance music has managed to create a global dominance with the producers being on the forefront rather than remaining backstage and India is no exception.

“Dance music scene in India is crazy now. We started performing at smaller clubs and now its like a 10,000 people event.

“At Sunburn Goa there are uncountable number of people. So it is amazing to see the Indian dance culture in such a big light, ” say the musicians, who are current world number 1 DJs.
Known by their stage name — Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, the brothers say they are happy to be in the country to witness the “madness.”

The DJs will be next seen performing in Hyderabad and Mumbai on October 8 and 9 respectively at Sunburn Arena with some surprises for their Indian fans.
“I think as far India is concerned it will keep on growing. It is great to see this evolution and be a part of it. All the shows we have done so far here have been amazing.
It is going to be pure madness. We are more than happy to be here,” Dimitri said.

“We have done a couple of remixes, including one for Lost Frequencies’ new single ‘What Is Love’. We will be premiering it for the first time, in India,” he adds.
This summer has been quite an affair for the Belgian duo, be it giving out unreleased music for free, a brand new single or performing during the 4-month-long Ibiza residency, which they recently wrapped up.

“As far as ‘Bringing the Madness’ (their annual arena show) is concerned, it will stay in Belgium as it is our home and the production needed cannot be easily done outside,” Dimitri said.
The fourth season of ‘Bringing the Madness’ is scheduled to be held in Antwerp in Belgium, this December with four shows lined up over two weekends.

Talking about the highly anticipated debut album, Dimitri said it was still undergoing the creative process and they might release some as singles, the latest being ‘Hey Baby’, in collaboration with American DJ-producer Diplo.

The track was premiered at “Tomorrowland” earlier this year and will be out by the end of this month.

“We don’t feel that the album is ready yet. We have new music ready for more than 2-3 albums, but we want it to be unique and feel that it’s not 100 per cent there,” they said.
Not wanting to keep the fans waiting, Dimitri said, “Till the time album comes, we are going to just keep releasing new music, new songs and at a certain point we are going to surprise them with the full album.”

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