Man jailed for killing wife for looking after vulnerable men

Thursday, Oct 6, 2016,15:28 IST By metrovaartha A A A

London | A 38-year-old Pakistani-origin Muslim man in the UK has been sentenced to life imprisonment for brutally stabbing his care assistant wife to death because she “looked after men” and refused to quit.

Imran Khan, stabbed his wife Nasreen, 38, to death with a kitchen knife eight times during a furious row on April 18 at their home in Cheadle Hulme, Stockport.

He admitted to murder at Manchester Crown Court yesterday where he was sentenced to life imprisonment and with a minimum requirement to serve 20 years, the Daily Express reported.

Amid investigation, police also found a text message sent to Nasreen reading, “If you go to men’s houses and lie to me I get angry. If you play games I get angry.” he said.

In the time leading up to the murder, the court was told that he had warned his wife.

The judge rejected the notion that the murder was a result of a culture clash as he said both Khan’s parents and sister were supportive of his wife’s choice of job.

“Nasreen worked hard to support her family and was good at that job but by contrast you are a selfish and controlling man, did little to support your family and your wife, instead you sought to determine how she should live her life, expressing your disapproval of her choice of work,” the judge said.

“You did not want Nasreen to have contact with other men, even though they were her clients, and her duties involved no more than administering medication and warming their food,” he added.

The judge also spoke about Khan’s jealousy of his wife’s independence and the resentment he felt towards her.

Nasreen had taken up a job in December 2015 where she looked after vulnerable men and women telling relatives she wanted to “gain experience and independence, and help support her family”.

On the day she was killed, Nasreen confided in her boss about her husband’s behaviour saying, “I can’t take it anymore, I don’t know what to do.”

Khan claimed in court that he killed his wife at a time when he was “shocked and devastated” after his wife told him “she never loved him and the marriage was over.”

Khan’s sentencing was told that he met her in Pakistan in 1998, where her family remains, and that they married in Stock port the year after.