No radioactive leakage detected: Government

Sunday, Oct 9, 2016,17:02 IST By metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | Government said the emission from a medical shipment at cargo terminal of IGI Airport here was within permissible limit and did not fall in the category of radioactive leakage.

“Officers from BARC and NDRF have cleared at 1355 hrs that there is no anticipation of any harm because there is no radioactive leakage,” senior government officials said.

They said the emission “is within permissible limits”.

A regular consignment of 16 packets of material for cancer treatment arrived by Air France AF 226 last night at 2230 hrs, officials noted.

They further added that consignee is Dhiti Biotech India Pvt Ltd. while the consigner is CISBIO International and 10 packages were picked up by ground handling agency CELEBI.

In a statement, District Magistrate Abhishek Singh said that “an inadvertently wrong radiological emergency message was conveyed”.

“A nuclear medicine Molibdenum 99 was being brought from Air France flight on behalf of B L Kapoor Hospital, Pusa Road. The quantity of radiation emitted from the nuclear medicine is below 1 mill rongen (measurement of radiation).

“There is no beta radiation in the surrounding areas and there is no leakage. Hence it cannot be termed as an emergency. A final call has thus been taken and the Radio logical Emergency has been called off at 01.55 PM,” he said.