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Obama tells protester to write him a letter

Friday, Oct 14, 2016,11:27 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Washington | US President Barack Obama has told a woman who protested against him at an event in Ohio to write a letter to him as he has grown old and cannot hear her.

“Maybe you can get me a note. Write me a letter,” Obama said into the darkness as a woman kept shouting some eight minute into his speech when he started urging the audience to support and vote Hillary Clinton as the next US president.

“I can’t hear you that well. I promise you this will go better,” Obama said.

Soon the woman increased the volume.
“No more pipeline!” she said.
“I got you,” Obama responded.
“No more Dakota access pipeline!” the protested shouted again.
“I’m getting old so I can’t hear that well. I can’t see that well,” the president quipped yesterday.

Eventually, the woman was apparently escorted away. She was shouting as she went and it grew increasingly faint.