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Quality work comes first not money: John Abraham

Saturday, Oct 22, 2016,16:50 IST By metrovaartha A A A

Mumbai | Actor John Abraham says money is secondary but doing quality work is important to him.

The 43-year-old actor-producer said that before signing any brand, he reads all clauses mentioned in the contract carefully to bring value to the product he is endorsing.

“I micro manage everything. I micro manage my entire life.

You get more eyeballs for a brand if you sign on a cricketer or actor to endorse a brand. But it’s the responsibility of an actor to sign a brand he believes in,” John told reporters here last evening at an event when asked about how careful he is while singing a brand.

“If I like certain things like motorcycle or fitness but it has to go with my personality. He just doesn’t want to be model he wants to be a role model. One does this either he wants to build his equity or make money. For me money is not important. Choosing a brand is more important money is a by product,” he said.

On the film front John is looking forward for “Force 2″, which releases on November 28.