Indian handicraft exhibition held in Kuwait

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2016,14:25 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Dubai | An exhibition showcasing Indian handicrafts and handloom items like hand-made carpets, wood and brass show pieces has been held in Kuwait by the Indian Embassy to boost the export of such products.

It was organised on October 23 with the participation of some local companies importing handicrafts and handloom products from India.

According to the embassy, the exhibition gave both Kuwaitis and expatriates a chance to see an array of Indian handicrafts and handloom products on display.

Several varieties of hand-made carpets, brass show pieces, marble pieces carved and designed with organic colours, handloom sarees, ladies antique pieces in wood and brass, jewelries with semi-precious stones, hand-made furniture, and framed paintings, etc. were displayed during the exhibition.

The exhibition attracted a large number of visitors, including Indians, Kuwaitis and expatriates of other countries residing in Kuwait, the embassy said in a statement.