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This Diwali, dress like royalty

Friday, Oct 28, 2016,12:43 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

New Delhi | In a unique opportunity for people to experience the opulence of regal India, textile revivalist Umang Hutheesing’s collection of royal attires is up for grabs at a selling exhibition here.

Hutheesing, who is considered as the scion of one of India’s historical families, has recreated the grandeur from the times of the Mughals and the Rajputs, in an attempt to revive the textile heritage of the country.

The collection, which makes its maiden visit to India after successful sojourns to Japan, Bahrain and Mexico, comprises of Mughal chogas, Rajput gheras, European capes, shawls, and jackets.
“I am part of this profession from the past four years, and my only aim is to create excellence. I want to take Indian heritage to international level.

“Following the Make in India and Incredible India initiatives, I am trying to take my country to the world in the field of royal textiles,” he says.

Hutheesing, who has a collection of over 400 royal textiles to his credit, has exhibited at various international museums, including Baroque International Museum in Mexico, National Museum of Bahrain, and Miho Museum, Japan.

Having traveled extensively across the globe, his expertise stems from his rich knowledge of cultures and traditions.
Earlier this year, he was gifted a set of gold sovereigns by the Queen of Bahrain for his royal collection.

“People wanted me to display my works for India as well, so I am in Delhi to display my collections.

“Most of my works in the museums were only for display and not sale, but I felt that I should let people re-live the royalty and this time they are also for sale,” he says.
Hutheesing refuses to be addressed as a desginer, and emphasises that what he does is “not fashion”.

“It is our culture and tradition, which I am trying to protect and revive. I try to be as original as possible, with no two similar pieces. The artistes are trained to recreate the royal cuts and designs and then the masterpiece is created,” he says.

The launch of the collection here has been aptly timed with the Diwali festivities, during which people purchase new clothes, as a ritual.

“These clothes are not for everyday wear. So, Diwali is the best time for this collection as people can wear them during the celebrations and also re-live the royal era,” he says.

The exhibition underway at Ogaan boutique on Malcha Marg Market here, has garments that are priced between Rs 50,000 to Rs 5 lakhs. It is set to continue till October 31.