Srikanto blames FM channels for ignoring Bangla album songs

Saturday, Oct 29, 2016,15:32 IST By Metrovaartha A A A

Kolkata | Popular Bengali singer Srikanto Acharya today blamed FM channels for ignoring Bengali album songs at the cost of film based tracks.

“The FMs mostly are not giving space to basic album songs, apparently to promote film-based Bangla tracks. This cannot go on for ever,” Srikanto, who had also enacted the role of Satyendranath Tagore in ‘Kadambari’, said at the album launch of upcoming Bengali singer Timir’s ‘Ondho Premik.’

“There have been good soulful works by young singers in recent times. They represent fresh thinkings and concepts while retaining the essential Bengali characteristics of our tracks dating back to 40 years.

“They retain the elements of yesteryear music of Bengal but have new orchestration, lyrics, sound engineering effect. Unfortunately, these works are not communicated to the present day audience, who are only initiated to film-based new Bengali numbers,” Srikanto said.

Pointing out to the large number of Bengali basic albums launched this year, Srikanto said, “I am told there are 130 such basic albums. This is a significant figure. These albums represent the new works in Bengali music. Many of these albums were sung by competent artistes, But there is no way today’s audience can come to know about these songs.” On being asked if remakes can help stem the awareness slide about new Bengali talents and their works, Srikanto said “Remakes can’t take us forward.”

Srikanto, the singer of popular album ‘Bristi Tomake Dilam’ among others also came down heavily on the extent of piracy of music on internet.

“If you get something for free will you value that? One attaches more importance to a song for which he has to shell a certain amount. The music industry is bleeding due to this piracy through digital media,” he said.

Timir, lead singer of Fakira band, who has given popular film tacks like ‘Onyo kothao chol’ (033) and others would like to call ‘Ondho Premik’ a collaboration among lyricist Rajiv, instrumentalists Ashu-Abhishek and himself.

The album consisted of six tracks including ‘Bandhabi Mon’, ‘Bhalobasar Jwar’, and title song ‘Ondho Premik’.

“Going by the response on social media for albums like Ondho Premik, we wish to strike the right chord with bigger audience,” Timir said.