Sri Lankan minister-couple seeks new heart healing therapy

Monday, Jan 30, 2017,13:04 IST By Sooraj Saji A A A

Aluva : Sri Lankan industries minister Daya Gamage is on a second stint in life after undergoing two cardiac surgeries, active in public life carrying 15 stents and the dreams of a nation in his heart.

Gamage, who is also the national organizer of Sri Lanka’s ruling United National Party, was in Hrudaya Care Heart Institute in the south Indian town of Aluva to get detailed information on an advanced therapy that avoids surgery. His wife Anoma Gamage, who is the country’s petroleum minister, accompanied him. Daya Gamage spoke to Metro Vaartha.

In his path to Sri Lankan parliament from Ampara constituency, Gamaga eschewed an industrial empire he owned. In a decade-long journey dedicated to public life along with his wife, Gamage survived a series of allegations against him. It cost him the health of his heart, but overcame it with expert treatment.

Gamage held talks with Do. Gopalakrishnapillai, Managing Director of Hrudaya Care Heart Institute, regarding the EECP therapy. It is a therapy that removes cardio vascular blocks by pumping blood from the patient’s heart itself.

Heart disease is widespread in Sri Lanka, where a large number of youth also are affected. Many of them succumb to the disease as they cannot afford expert treatment. In this context, starting an EECP therapy unit in the island nation will help the needy, says Gamage.

The Gamage couple invited the people in the neighboring country to Sri Lanka, which is now peaceful after decades of violence and war.

Sri Lanka is now poised for a big leap in tourism and industry sectors to become one of the leading nations of the world with the minister-couple spearheading the task.

India, China and Thailand are friendly nations, and Colombo would like to have India as their favorite trade partner.

Gamage vowed to strengthen trade ties with India. The Government has already launched an initiative to attract new entrepreneurs to that country. The biggest challenge faced by Sri Lanka, which is economically shattered, is eradication of poverty. Sri Lanka aims to regain its heydays of exports.

The Gamages returned to Sri Lanka after completing the brief Kerala visit.