DYFI reports Cadre fallout

Friday, Feb 3, 2017,12:54 IST By Sooraj Saji A A A

Kochi | DYFI working report admits fall out among its cadres in many states. The youth outfit of CPM could not organize any programs that could attract the youth in the last four years, says the working report presented at the DYFI national conference. Metro Vaartha had access to a copy of the report circulated among members for discussion.

While a rise in membership was noted in Bengal and Tripura, a significant fall in membership was recorded in many other states in the six years after the Bangalore meeting.

DYFI is running short of leaders capable of working at national level. Lack of able leadership and lethargy is ruining the organization, the report says.

The total membership decreased by 1,87,4569 from strength of 1,34,26182 in 2012.

DYFI, which had 22,000 members in Gujarat, has not even a single membership in the home state of Prime Minister Modi.

It lost 16,38,220 members in Bengal in the last four years, where it had a membership of 58,38,850.

In Delhi, where its central committee is situated, DYFI lost 5337 members.

In Tamil Nadu, DYFI suffered a loss of more than 1 lakh cadres from its strength of 10,12,709.

Against the national trend, the organization showed a marginal 2 percent improvement in its membership in Kerala.