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I cared least about clothes after daughter was born: Padma Lakshmi

Saturday, Feb 4, 2017,12:15 IST By joji A A A

Mumbai | Model-actress-author Padma Lakshmi feels fashion priorities change after having kids and says first two years after her daughter was born she cared least about her clothes.
Padma, 46, who gave birth to her daughter Krishna in 2010, says after embracing motherhood she had to learn to dress according to her “new body type”.
When asked does fashion take backseat for many women after having kids, Padma told PTI, “Your priorities change. For the first two years after Krishna was born I could have cared less what I was wearing. Luckily there was a whole wardrobe department on the show to take care of that for me.
“Your body changes, weird things happen that you aren’t expecting and you have to learn to dress for your new body type.”
The American TV personality says after giving birth to her little girl she took almost a year to get back into shape as taking care of her daughter was more important for her than looking good.
“I wasn’t one of those girls, who lose all the baby weight right away. It took me a whole year to get back into shape and that was just fine with me because I was doing something much more important than looking good; I was feeding my daughter.” Padma will be walking the ramp for designer Tarun Tahiliani tonight at the Lakme Fashion Week.

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