Water level in dams depletes as drought advances in Kerala  

Sunday, Feb 5, 2017,15:02 IST By anju A A A

Thiruvananthapuram | With the drought situation advancing, water level in all major dams in Kerala has depleted to an alarming level causing concern among authorities.

Water level in 20 major reservoirs in the state was about 34.43 per cent less in January, when compared to the water level in these dams in January last year, which has been attributed to the low rainfall both during the south-west and south-east monsoon seasons.

“Yes, the situation is worse… water level in dams is very grim.In some places, the condition is much worse and in some others, the situation is better due to rains,” State Water Resources Minister Mathew T Thomas told PTI here.

The condition was worse in Palakkad, Thrissur, Malappuram and in Thiruvananthapuran.

As of now the most affected district was Palakkad, Minister said.

The state has geared up to meet any exigency as the consequence of drought aggravates in coming months, Thomas said, adding several borewells have been made functional.

“We will be able to supply ground water. Also water kiosk’s would be provided in all wards of civic bodies,” he said.

“The plan is to supply drinking water by bringing it from areas where it was available,” he added.

With regard to Palakkad, he said pumping in water treatment plants has been suspended for the past few days.

Due to state government’s continuous pressure, the Tamil Nadu government has agreed to release water to Chitoor from Parambikulam-Aliyar project in a day or two, he said  adding, “Once we get water, we can resume pumping.”

“We are not taking any chances. We are getting ready to meet any emergency situation and all necessary precaution has been taken,” he said, adding, “water shortage in all districts have been reviewed and contingency plan prepared accordingly.”