120 crore liters of water wasted in Kerala daily

Monday, Feb 6, 2017,12:29 IST By Darwin Antony A A A

Thiruvananthapuram | Even as Kerala is facing severe drought, half of drinking water supplied through public pipelines are being wasted.

The loss is occurring during the process of collection from water basins, purification, transmission and the distribution point.

Kerala’s nearly 50% loss is far above the national average of 20%. A daily loss of 120 crore liters of water is estimated. This is equivalent to a daily loss of Rs. 44 crores.

And the cumulative loss is higher, considering leakage in pipelines, irregularities in meter reading, and unauthorized siphoning from pipelines.

A person requires an average of 150 liters of water a day for his entire needs. The water resources department lacks modern equipments and expert officials to identify leaks, and it is still depending on decades-old system for the same.

Underground leaks from big pipes are left un-noticed.