DYFI to form common platform of youth organizations to fight communalism

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017,12:51 IST By KP Sajeevan A A A

Kozhikode | New DYFI national president Adv. PA Mohammed Riyaz says the outfit will form a common platform of youth organizations to fight the growing government sponsored communalism in the country. This will be a major responsibility to be taken up by the new DYFI central committee, he told Metro Vaartha after he was elected leader of the CPM youth brigade.

He said one should not underestimate the problems faced by the nation.

Most of the victims during the Modi Government’s rule belonged to minorities, dalits, and Communists, according to Riyaz.

India had witnessed several communal riots and polarizations, but it was after Narendra Modi assumed power that we saw a government sponsoring communalism. Such a situation calls for more intense response from the youth. This responsibility cannot be carried out by any organization single handedly. That is why DYFI decided to think of a common platform.

DYFI plans to bring all organizations other than communalist organizations and those that try to capitalize through counter communalism under one umbrella.

DYFI will have no tie up with any organization that is militant in nature. The constituents of the new platform, which encompasses democracy and secularism, will be decided at the next central committee meeting.

Asked if DYFI is weakened, Riyaz said such an assessment was not discussed in the just concluded national conference. But a self criticism that the organization needs to be strengthened was made.

Six representatives from Gujarat, the home district of the Prime Minister, participated in the conference. Gujarat is poised for a big leap as far as DYFI is concerned, he said.