Modi attacks Congress in Rajyasabha ,hails demonetisation and surgical strikes

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017,18:08 IST By anju A A A

New Delhi | Modi attacked Congress for “claiming entire credit” for the country’s independence and took objection to certain comments made by Kharge yesterday with regard to sacrifices.

“Hum kutton ki paramapara se pale bhade nahi hain (we have not grown in a culture of dogs),” he said.

He said even before Congress party was born, lakhs of countrymen had had made sacrifices for independence and referred to the 1857 revolt.

“Everybody gave their lives, unitedly without any communal colour in it,” he said.

Noting that several members of the House were born after Independence, Modi said, “though we did not get an opportunity to give our lives, we have got a chance to live for the country’s betterment.”

Referring to surgical strikes, the Prime Minister said it was a “huge decision” which bore success.

He said opposition leaders had made certain remarks in the first 24 hours of the surgical strikes but changed tune when they saw the public happiness.

“The surgical strike was such a big success and I know it is troubling you because you are not able to tell the public and are suffering from within,” Modi told the Opposition.

“I am asked why demonetisation was kept a secret but nobody asks why surgical strike was kept secret,” he said.

He said the Indain army is powerful and capable enough to protect the country.

Appealing to opposition parties for cooperation, Modi said, “Our Parliament should have new ideas and thoughts.

These may come from any side. We will welcome good ideas.

Ultimately it is the objective of all of us to take the country forward.”