Rise in crimes against women and children in Kerala

Wednesday, Feb 22, 2017,12:24 IST By Dinesh Krishnan A A A

Thiruvananthapuram | Police statistics show an increase in crimes against women and children in Kerala. As per Police Crime Records Bureau data, the number of cases of crimes against women registered in 2016 was 14061. This is more than 10 percent increase from the number of crimes reported in 2015, i.e., 12383. The number of crimes against women had showed an upward trend before it came down in 2015.

A notable annual increase has also been recorded in crimes against children since 2013. The number of cases of crimes against children registered in 2013 was 1877. In the subsequent years, the number of cases rose to 2286 in 2014, 2384 in 2015, and 2899 in 2016.

The rise in cases involving rape and molestation is alarming. There was a steep increase in cases of rape against women – from 1263 in 2015 to 1644 in 2016. Number of molestation cases was 3991 in 2015, and it increased to 4035 the following year.

The number of cases of juvenile sexual harassment increased to 929 in 2016 from 720 in the previous year.

At the same time, a fall in the number of infanticide and murder of juveniles has been recorded. While five cases of infanticide were reported in 2015, only one such case was registered last year. 39 juveniles were killed in 2015, whereas the number decreased to 30 last year.

There is a marginal fall in cases of harassment over dowry since 2013, but a significant rise in cases of suicide and killing for dowry has been recorded.

Malappuram district police have registered the most number of crimes against women in the state – 1406 cases.