Total loss in agriculture sector due to drought Rs.226 crore in Kerala:Minister E Chandrasekharan

Wednesday, Mar 1, 2017,18:30 IST By anju A A A

Thiruvananthapuram | Severe drought situation prevailing in Kerala has caused damage to crops in 30353.06 hectares of agriculture land, State Minister For Revenue, E Chandrasekharan said today

“Total loss in the agriculture sector is Rs.226 crore,” Chandrasekharan told the state assembly.

Drought has caused extensive damage to paddy crops in about 26499.42 hectares and estimated loss is Rs.106 crore, he said.

Large stretches of cash crops, vegetables, banana plantation and coconut farms have also been seriously affected.

As a relief to farmers suffering due to drought, government has announced a moratorium on loans taken by them in government run financial institutions till May 2017, he added.

Presently water level in reservoirs in the state was only 46 per cent of its total capacity and the ground water level has depleted to 2 to 2.30 metres, he said.

Several steps have been taken to ensure the availability of drinking water across the state.The medium and small water sources have been rejuvenated.

Government has also restricted digging of borewells for commercial purposes till May 31, 2017, he said.

Steps for repairing wells and ponds in the state were progressing at an estimated cost of Rs.320 crore, he said.

Drinking water kiosks have also been put up at various places to tackle the situation.

An all party delegation from the state would submit a memorandum to the Centre seeking assistance, he said.