Kerala has become criminals’ own country: Khushboo

Thursday, Mar 2, 2017,10:51 IST By joji A A A

Kozhikode | Tamil film actress and Congress spokesperson Khushboo has alleged that Kerala, which was boasting of being ‘God’s own country,’ has become ‘criminal’s own country’ under the rule of LDF Government.

She was speaking at a protest meeting organized by DCC here Wednesday.

“Children, women and even senior citizens become victims of harassment in present times in Kerala,” according to the superstar of South Indian movies of yesteryears.

Apparently referring to the alleged abduction and molestation of an actress near Kochi, she said “the guts shown by an actress to reveal what happened to her is laudable. We should be able to support such people.”

She also had a word of advice to women, saying “a girl’s family advises her “to learn to adjust” with husband’s family after marriage. However, women should learn to say ‘no’ to mental and physical abuse. Society should also change its attitude on this.”

Separately, Khushboo told a news channel that police were giving protection only to politicians instead of protecting the common man.

“Police are supposed to work for the protection of the people. But in reality, whether it is in Kerala or in Tamil Nadu, they work only for the protection of the politicians”.

“There should be a police man on duty for every hundred meters. But where is the police. They are busy giving protection to the ministers and politicians. So, the common people have to protect himself or herself,” she added.

“Mahatma Gandhi said real freedom is when a girl walks down freely even at 12 o’clock in the midnight. Forget midnight. Now, even at 12 noon women could not walk free”.

The BJP rule at the Centre and nine months of LDF regime led by Pinarayi Vijayan in Kerala have seen the law and order situation in the state and elsewhere in shambles, she alleged.

“Tamil Nadu is ruled by a woman in proxy who is convicted and put behind the bars which is unfortunate,” Kushboo said.