Violence on university campuses Communist strategy: RSS

Thursday, Mar 2, 2017,11:53 IST By joji A A A

Nagpur | Senior RSS leader Bhaiyyaji Joshi has said that the violence on university campuses was a conspiracy and a planned strategy of the Communists.

“Anti-national slogans are raised in universities and when action is taken against such acts, it is said that the freedom of speech of the people are breached upon,” Joshi said at a protest march here.

“This is a conspiracy and a planned strategy of the Communists. And it is our responsibility that their planned strategy should not get successful,” he said.

His remarks came days after Delhi University witnessed large-scale violence.

The march was organised against the alleged violence against BJP workers and Sangh outfits in Kerala.

Joshi said, “This is the limit of our patience and it the responsibility of the Kerala government to ensure safety and protection to the common man of this state.” “And if you cannot do so then leave the power. There are others who can do the job better. By this protest and meeting across the country, we are expressing our sentiments and anguish. And I feel confident that our thoughts and message is gone across to them,” Joshi added.

Meanwhile, senior BJP leader V Murlidharan claimed that the violence against BJP workers and Hindu outfits are on the rise.

“18 political murders were reported in the state… BJP is ready for an ideological fight with them. But they cannot fight a ideological fight and hence are resorting to violence,” he added.