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Congress leader launches ‘Kaam ki Baat’ campaign to counter Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’

Thursday, Mar 9, 2017,12:40 IST By joji A A A

New Delhi | Congress spokesperson Sandeep Dikshit has launched ‘Kaam ki Baat’ campaign to counter Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’.

Dikshit, a former MP, has started posting video and audio clips on social networking platforms like YouTube and Whatsapp to counter the statements Modi makes during his monthly radio programme.

The Congress leader said he will release his campaign clips each time after the Prime Minister addresses the nation.

“Whenever I used to hear the Prime Minister, I felt like replying to what he spoke about. I used to feel that we should do ‘Kaam Ki Baat’ than ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Hence, I have started the campaign,” he said.

Dikshit said he has launched the campaign in his personal capacity and that it is not a Congress initiative.

The first segment of his campaign, of 12-minute length, was released on January 29. Dikshit said he will release the clips in both Hindi and English.