PMO not giving appointment to Kerala CM to discuss drought: MP Kodikkunil Suresh in LS

Friday, Mar 10, 2017,16:43 IST By anju A A A

New Delhi | A Kerala Congress MP on Friday alleged that the PMO was not giving appointment to an all- party delegation led by chief minister Pinayari Vijayan who wanted to raise the issue of drought in the state.

Speaking during the Zero Hour in the Lok Sabha, K Suresh, member from Mavelikkara constituency in Kerala, claimed that the state was eligible for 40 lakh metric tonnes of rice, but the Centre has reduced the quota by 10 lakh MT.

“The situation has been aggravated by drought in Kerala,” he said.

The Chief Minister has convened an all-party meeting to address the issue and sought an appointment with the PMO.

“But the PMO did not give an appointment to the Chief Minister,” Suresh said, leading Congress and other opposition MPs to attack the government over Suresh’s claim.

The Treasury Bench protested against the MP’s claim and demanded that the remarks be expunged.