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Pearl Mackie wants to play James Bond

Tuesday, Apr 11, 2017,9:49 IST By joji A A A

London | Actress Pearl Mackie says she would love to play James Bond in the future.
The “Doctor Who” star, who plays new companion Bill Potts in the sci-fi series, says her dream role would be to become the first female incantation of the iconic British spy, reported Contactmusic.
“I’d quite like to play James Bond. I just thought of that earlier,” Mackie said.
Asked if she wanted to be a female ‘Jane’ Bond, she told said, “Nah nah, James. If I can be called Bill, I can be called James! I don’t know…I think that some of the best things that are out there haven’t been written yet. So I wouldn’t like to say anything too defining.
“There’s so many wonderful people out there that I’d like to play, and so many characters that don’t exist yet that I’d like to play. For me it’s just about playing characters with depth that have interesting stories to tell, that maybe approach things in a way that you haven’t seen before,” she said.