GST midnight launch event a drama: Thomas Isaac

Saturday, Jul 1, 2017,12:02 IST By joji A A A

New Delhi | Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac has described the midnight launch of GST a ‘drama’ and ‘political propaganda’, saying GST is not as fundamental a change as VAT.
“…I considered extension of VAT across the state boundaries…But to make a drama of this scale is certainly a political propaganda,” said Isaac, a member of GST Council who has decided not to attend the midnight function at the Central Hall of Parliament.
The Kerala finance minister also accused the BJP of scuttling the GST in 2011.
“In fact, discussions on GST started in 2009 and what position BJP had taken at time we know very well. In fact, the entire enterprise of GST was scuttled in 2011 because BJP decided to opposed it,” he said.
Isaac further said, “We are responsible for running state government and we are implementing GST.”