TMC questions govt over Amarnath attack

Saturday, Jul 15, 2017,10:14 IST By joji A A A

New Delhi | Trinamool Congress Friday questioned the government over the recent terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims in Kashmir and said there was a “failure” on its part when it was “aware” about the security problem.
Trinamool Congress leader Derek O’Brien raised the questions at a meeting called by the government to brief all parties on the Kashmir situation and standoff with China.
Later, in a tweet, the Trinamool Congress, said, “Govt was aware about the security problem, why didn’t they take it seriously? Why the lapse? The failure. Why didn’t Govt act?” In another tweet, the party said, “This is a Q(uestion) of safety and security, so it is our duty to raise these questions on Amarnath.”
O’Brien said the government had no answers to the questions raised by him at the meeting.