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Kovind gets most votes from UP, least in Kerala

Friday, Jul 21, 2017,12:15 IST By anju A A A

New Delhi | President-elect Ram Nath Kovind got the maximum number of votes from Uttar Pradesh while TMC- ruled West Bengal offered him the rawest deal among big states en route to his victory over Meira Kumar in the presidential poll.

According to the data provided by the returning officer for the election, in which Kovind garnered 2,930 or 65.35 per cent of the total 4,774 valid votes (of 10,69,358 value) polled, shows the two contenders scored overwhelmingly over each other in some states.

Kumar gained a total of 1,844 (having value of 3,67,314) or 34.35 per cent of votes in the election.

The former Lok Sabha speaker drew a blank in once-a- Congress bastion Andhra Pradesh, while in Left-ruled Kerala Kovind got just one vote.

In Nagaland, Kovind received 56 votes as against one to Kumar. The result was lopsided in Kovind’s favour in Sikkim, too. He garnered 28 votes vis-à-vis one of Kumar.

In the BJP-led Uttar Pradesh, which has the highest value of votes for the election, Kovind received 335 votes (having value 69,680) against Kumar’s 65 (valuing 13,520).

Kovind bagged all the 171 valid votes (of 27,189 value) polled in the TDP-BJP combine ruled Andhra Pradesh.

In Maharashtra, which carries second highest value of votes at 50,225, Kovind got 208 of the total 285 valid votes.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state Gujarat also gave fillip to Kovind, who won 132 votes (valuing 19404), restricting Kumar at 49.

Bihar, where the ruling JD(U) supported Kovind by breaking ranks with its grand alliance partners, the RJD and the Congress during the election, also proffered the NDA nominee edge over Kumar.

Of the total 239 valid votes polled there, Kovind gained 130, whereas Kumar scored 109 votes.

The bright spot for Kumar in this election was her scores in West Bengal and Kerala.

In West Bengal, she bagged 273 of the total valid 284 votes against Kovind’s meagre 11. The Left Front-ruled Kerala offered her 138 of the total 139 votes. In another Left-ruled state, Tripura too, she did well to garner 53 votes against Kovind’s seven.

In AAP-ruled Delhi, she received 55 of the total 61 valid votes, while remaining votes went Kovind’s way.