Will support BJP in both houses of Parliament: JD(U)

Thursday, Jul 27, 2017,15:28 IST By anju A A A

Patna | The JD(U) today announced that it will support the BJP-led NDA government in both the houses of Parliament, shortly after Nitish Kumar was sworn in as Bihar’s chief minister.

JD(U)’s national spokesperson K C Tyagi also hit out at the Congress saying it does not have any credibility and accused it of not being serious about fighting corruption.

“We will support the BJP-led NDA government in both houses of Parliament,” he told reporters here.

Tyagi said, “The Congress was neither serious about fighting corruption nor about any opposition bloc. It was a blunder on our part to trust the Congress, which does not have any credibility.”

Asked whether the JD(U) will join the Modi government, he said, “It is for the party leadership to decide. Let our party president and senior BJP leaders discuss the matter. Only after that we can make a comment on it.”

Hitting back at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, the JD(U) spokesperson accused him of “not being serious” in fighting corruption.

The JD(U)’s comment came after Rahul Gandhi lashed out at Kumar accusing him of acting for “selfish political motives” and going back to the BJP even as Bihar had given an “anti- communal” mandate.

“The difference between Nitish Kumar and Rahul Gandhi is that Nitish Kumar does not want to compromise on corruption but Rahul Gandhi has compromised on it. Rahul Gandhi is not serious in fighting corruption, he is only interested in making tall claims but does not follow what he says,” the JD (U) leader said.

“The Congress has compromised on corruption and that is why it is facing such a situation today. It wants the JD(U) to compromise on corruption and face a similar situation. But we will never ever compromise with corruption,” Tyagi said.