Kamal Hassan clarifies on ‘nilavembu’ drink

Friday, Oct 20, 2017,10:50 IST By anju A A A

Chennai | As a row erupted over his statement asking his fan clubs to not distribute ‘nilavembu’, a traditional drink used to fight dengue, veteran star Kamal Haasan today said he made the suggestion in view of a controversy over its efficacy and he was not against it.

In a statement here tonight, he said it was “not fair” to paint him as opposed to the traditional medicine, said to improve immunity, following his tweet to his fan clubs.

Haasan said he had put out a tweet yesterday only because a controversy had erupted over the use of ‘nilavembu’ concoction being given as part of treatment for dengue fever, which has affected a large number of people in Tamil Nadu in recent weeks.

“I had put out the tweet to avoid the medicine, which is under a controversy, from being given in excess quantity. I don’t prefer those of my movement to give a medicine without the advice or direction of a doctor,” he said.

“… that its being spread as if Kamal Haasan is opposed to nilavembu is not fair,” he said

The actor said he was being critical only of the medicine being given sans proper doctors’ guidance and said he welcomed any initiative benefiting people.

Haasan said he did not discriminate between any branches of medicine.
Taking a swipe at the AIADMK government over the spread of dengue, he sarcastically remarked using a Tamil saying that preventive steps could have been put in place earlier.

Further, “it can be learnt from neighbouring Kerala on how to control dengue,” he added.

In Madurai, senior BJP leader L Ganesan criticised Haasan, saying his remarks on nilavembu was ‘unwarranted’.

“His statement is unwarranted when the Tamil Nadu government is taking serious steps to control dengue fever and bring it under control. There is no need to do research on ‘nilavembu’ now,” the Rajya Sabha member told reporters there.

The actor had made the statement just for the “sake of making a statement with a difference,” he added.

Ganesan also said there was a strong possibility of the proposed All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) being located in Madurai District.

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