Police chases to stop KSRTC bus at midnight for teenage girl

Monday, Jan 15, 2018,11:15 IST By anju A A A

Kozhikode | A 17-year-old girl, travelling in a state-owned bus had a harrowing time past midnight after the crew refused to stop the vehicle at nearby Payyoli, her home town, saying it was a limited stop service.

It was only thanks to police help that the frightened teenager alighted from the bus at Chombala, about 20 km away and joined her waiting father in the wee hours yesterday.

As the incident drew media attention, Kerala State Road Transport Corporation today sought a report.

“Executive Director (Vigilance) has been asked to file a report,” A Hemachandran, Chairman and Managing Director of KSRTC told PTI.

Police said the girl was travelling from Pala in Kottayam district in central Kerala to Payyoli in northern Kozhikode after attending medical entrance coaching.

Though she thought she could alight at Payyoli, the conductor refused,saying it was a ‘minnal’ (lightning) service and there was only one stop in each district it traversed.

Despite her repeated pleas that it was past midnight and her anxious father was waiting,the crew did not budge and said she could get down at Kannur, about 30 km away from Payyoli.

The girl informed her father, who sought police help to stop the vehicle.

In two places, police tried to wave and stop the vehicle, but after their efforts failed, personnel at chombala police station, about 20 km from Payyoli, were asked to stop the bus, police said.

A police officer from there chased and overtook the bus, forcing the driver to stop.

The girl was then allowed to alight and handed over to her father, who was closely following the bus, police said.

The police official said the bus driver and conductor were asked to report to the police station at 4 pm today, but they did not turn up, following which the station informed the KSRTC Chairman and Managing Director about the incident.